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Arduino Max6675 Labview Linx Interface

Hello World! 🙂

this is Nino. First of all thanks for accepting me in this community!

I am trying to read the temperature of a K-thermocouple interfaced with a MAX6675 SPI, using Arduino and Labview.

However, I could not find any information / tutorial on how to make this project working and I have no Idea on how to do this.

I am using:

  1. labview 2019 64bit with the last version of LINX and VISA drivers
  2. Arduino Uno Rev 3
  3. MAX6675, K-type thermocouple

My MAX6675 is connected with the following PINs

  • SCK 10
  • CS 9
  • SO 8

Could you, please, post a working VI for this project or Post some instructions I can refer to?

Thanks in advance for reading my post and for your kindness



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Could you also send me a working  LabVIEWInterface.ino, configured for reading the MAX6675 shield, please?

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Unfortunatelly i do not have this solution made yet.


However there is an example of linx communication with arduino usint the PmodTC1 in the examples folder called LINX -PmodTC1.vi


the PmodTC1 also uses maximintegrated IC, but the MAX31855 instead of MAX6675.


I believe that with some of non work arounds you may be able to change that code to fit your needs.




Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
Sistema Fiep
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Thanks a lot, that was very helpful ! 🙂

Something I did not get is this:

To use the MAX31855 with PmodTC1 VI it is still necessary to modify the LIFA BAse?

Does it work just with the original LINX LIFA?


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I tried out yesterday with another SPI chip, just changed the subvi parameters to set clock mode and channel, worked ok. 
now i believe that you don't need LIFA anymore, since it has been substituted by LINX officially.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
Sistema Fiep
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Could you send me your vi and explain which parameters should be changed, please? I'd just like to try ho it works.. 

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it very much





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Heyy Nino,
I was also searching for the same. If you found the answer, please share it with me also.

In the meantime what I did to make it work is, I uploaded the Arduino sketch for reading the temperature using the Arduino app and serial printed the temperature value. After that, I acquired the value in LabVIEW using a serial read from Arduino. And it worked well.

Just let me know if you require the Arduino sketch and LabVIEW vi.

Thank you

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actually i modify the pmod TC1.vi  and can read the temperature of max 6675 but i have  problem because i think i  have a error at the temperature convert 

now i try to check the temperature with an other instrument to verify the data

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actualy i am working on this vi 

i have to check the temperature to verify that is correct but i think is ok 

if anybody see a error please tell me

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Thank you so much.

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