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Adding a Custom Command update?

I'm  using Labview community Edition version 2023 Q1, with Maker-Hub LINX installed.

My target is a Ardunio Mega 2560

And Arduino IDE 2.1.1



I think I need to add a custom command to this.

What I want to do is to use the ardunio as a Wifi access point 

I have not found a vi in labview that allows this mode of operation.


I have tried following the instruction that are on-line to create a custom command with no luck

The instructions are over 3 years old and many things different 


Is there an up to date set of steps I can follow?


Thank you for any help

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This is so vague that I have no idea what you are trying to do, or where you need help.  You are trying to make a "Custom command" (for the PC?  for LabVIEW?  for the Arduino?), but to "do what"?  You found some instructions (where?  can you provide a reference so we could, perhaps, understand what you are trying to do?) that you couldn't get to work.


It sounds like you are asking us to "solve a problem for you" (or maybe "do your assignment for you"), but unless we have a (much) better idea of what you want to do, we might be able to make some suggestions.  It would be also a good idea if you posted some of your efforts so we can get an idea of what you are talking about.  Note that many of us are using "old" versions of LabVIEW (like 2019 or 2021), so you should "Save for Previous Version" before you post your VIs (no "pictures", please).


Bob Schor

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This link shows exactly what I'm trying to do:




If I can get this example to work my problem will be solved.


I'm using the latest ver of Labview 2023 (running on window 10)

It's targeted to running on a ardunio meg 

Per the steps of the instructions  (see the link) I'm using the latest ardunio IDE


Many steps are no longer options on the menus.


I get compile errors unfound libraries, the instructions (the link again) does state what libraries are needed.  


The idea is to change the firmware on the ardunio meg -- adding a C function, then calling that same function from Labview.


I was thinking for changing all of NI's .h and .cpp  files (the C++ source for the ardunio firmware) into library files like in this example:  



Hope this is clear

Thanks again

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Thank you.  That clarifies a lot.  I strongly suspect the best suggestion is right in the first paragraphs of your post -- "If you have questions about custom commands please ask in the LINX Forums."


Since I've been using LabVIEW for most of my computing work, I've been thankfully away from text-based complicated X++ code with strict rules for code structure (wires are much nicer, and the colors tell you what kind of data are carried in them -- how nice!).  I'm very happy to pass this along to the MakerHub crowd.


Bob Schor

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Thank you


This is my first post ever.  

Are you forward this to some other group or am I?


I did not see that exact group listed


Thanks again

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I can try to do this for you.  I also had no idea where the "Linx Forum" lived, so I opened Chrome and typed in "Linx Forum".  I found something called "Hobbyist Toolkit - NI Community", which took me to the "Hobbyist Toolkit" here in the Forums, located (on the first page where the Directory is located) under "Additional NI Product Boards".  I'll try to move it ...


Bob Schor

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