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Git and the LV Project file

How are you guys handling git merges with the LV Project file?  Other text-based files like lvclass?

I notice that for some of our users the merges are causing corrupted files.  Often class files only get items added or removed while you are developing, so there is no merge problem.  But project files undergo lots of changes, and it is very easy for multiple developers to modify it.

You can set your git client to treat project and class files as binary so merges only replace/discard, but then if more than one developer adds to their copy of the project (each adding classes for example) someone's changes are lost.

Another alternative is the annoying "project file master" method where only one developer changes the project, but can every developer really remember to tell him what all files to add or remove?  And who wants to be that guy, anyway?

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Is anyone else experiencing corrupted files?  Is this a personal problem, and its working wonderfully, seamlessly for you guys?

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oops - old thread 

Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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