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FRC RoboRIO Template Not Available

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I'm trying to follow along with the Zero-to-Robot tutorial:


and am to the point of creating a project, but my installation doesn't include the FRC RoboRIO template.  I've crawled through the package manager, and I have FRC game tools and CompactRIO installed.  The RoboRIO does show up in MAX, but I'm not seeing any RoboRIO-specific I/O blocks when I go to add things in the block diagram.  I've tried both LabVIEW 2020 and 2022.


I've also tried to manually add the device in a blank project, but nothing is showing up when I try to right click to add a new device in the project.  Here's a screenshot showing what I have installed and you can see the RIO in the devices list.





Appreciate nudges in the right direction, or a pointer to a more up-to-date tutorial.  Thanks!


  - larry, coach for Spectre Robotics 8753

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Sounds similar to the problem reported here: ChiefDelphi: Install/activate 


This happens if the FRC Game Tools are installed before LabVIEW.


I recommend to uninstall and reinstall the FRC Game Tools.



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Thanks for your reply.  It turned out I had a number of missing dependencies - One Windows, and a couple NI.  Got everything installed in the right order, running the right version of LabView and I now have a blinky LED on our RoboRIO!

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I installed LabVIEW on new computers anticipating that when the serial numbers for FRC would be released I could activate LabVIEW and add the FRC drive station and FRC templates. When I try to add the FRC It tells me I have a newer version package manager already installed. I have tried uninstalling using NI unistall, Windows uninstall, CCleaner uninstall, deleting National insturments folders including program files, Aplication data files and windows files. Thank You

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Please ensure you are using the correct downloads:



For 2022, the LabVIEW version will be 2020 SP1.



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