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Compiler Error:CUDA: Map iterators not recognizable

I am using Cuda 4.2 version with VS 2005 . I get some compiler errors for a header file which has usage of iterators . For e.g

for (XKeySubKeyMap::iterator it = begin(); 
!= end(); it++)
// Do

The error I get is error: expected a ";"

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Questions pertaining to CUDA programming issues should be posted to NVIDIA's forums ( Once your function is compiled and working, feel free to post here any problems you encounter in calling that function from LabVIEW.

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I have the issue, that I can use the "nppiRGBToHLS_8u_AC4R" funtion with the CallLibFunction, but always get the function return -6. It seems that the corresponding function "nppiRGBToHLS_8u_AC4R_Ctx" is needed - but I don´t know this for sure and this function cannot be imported with the LabVIEW tool "Import Shared Lib ..." without additional things to be done, that are all not documented.


In addition it is not clear to me how to use at least the "nppiRGBToHLS_8u_AC4R" function, that I can import with the LabVIEW tool, properly in LabVIEW: The function outputs "-6" as the function return value - but there is no documentation about that error with exception of this information: "NPP_SIZE_ERROR".


Is there a LabVIEW example available that demonstates and documents more exactly, how to e.g. use the functions for allocating memo, up and download img data and how to apply this data to the function mentioned above ... what e.g. about the "Set Current" in this context?


Thank you.


With best regards




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