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Webvi support in different browsers

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Left is Chrome, right is Edge.  Why?


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Speculation here but browsers tend to try to conserve resources and processing when not active or not visible. If you were to minimize the chrome tab and had a way to keep track of previous iteration timings you'd see it slow down as well. My guess here is that Microsoft is more aggressive with their performance constraints than chrome is.


In ANY browser (including chrome as mentioned about minimizing or switching to another visible tab for a period of time) you cannot rely on consistent timing and "drawing" refreshes. Web apps typically only run at full performance when the page/tab is visible and active.

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Hi, are you referring to the delay in Edge? After a quick test of http://bionichaos.com/IEEG.html didn't see any major differences between chrome, edge, and firefox..

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Correction, major difference between Chrome and Edge, URL image always loading in Chrome okay but not in Edge. Any suggestions how to fix this? Seems that the size of the image matters.. I'm currently hosting this on http://bionichaos.com/Feature_Extraction.html 


Thank you

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Accepted by topic author wuxw

Using the chrome network panel and edge network panel one interesting thing I notice is that in Chrome all the network requests look okay:




However in Edge you can see that the server is responding with much smaller responses sometimes:




When you look at the details of the response you can see the server sent an http response with Content-Length: 0




From the Edge network panel it makes me think there is some issue with the web service responding with a bad response of Content-Length: 0 that Edge is triggering more often than Chrome.


One thing I notice is that there are two requests that are happening quickly, one for the default image url of the image control (Select_Image=3) and then very quickly one for a different image (Select_Image=0). My guess is that the way Edge is making those requests is potentially triggering a bug in the web service.

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Don't remember exactly what I did but http://bionichaos.com/Feature_Extraction.html seem to work okay on both Chrome and Edge. Thanks

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