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Is G-Web the right tool for my app?

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Hello everyone,


I am considering G Web Development as a potential candidate to implement a web application that can do the following:


1. Obtain and show the map location (map service to be defined later).


1. bareMap.png


2. Display and allow selection of filters by clicking on controls.


2. filters.png


3. Place indicators on the map (bullseye, eye drop, different colors).


3. indicators.png


4. Place legend.


4. PlaceLegend.png


5. Add slider to select timestamp (or range).


5. slider.png


6. Display additional information when clicking on a location indicator already on the map.


6. details.png


Is G Web Development the appropriate software for such development?  Can it do all of what is described above?


I can do most or all the above using LabVIEW; however, doing it over a web application is a different story....


What do you guys think?




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I'm in the middle of my first big G Web Project right now and I would say this is not possible right now (as long as you stick to the tools of G Web itself). With proper html, css and java knowledge then most likely yes, but then you don't need G Web :).


Lets say we use only G Web and some custom CSS to manipulate the look and feel of buttons and other UI elements and we use a flexible layout for the page (which is a must have for a modern website/ UI).


  • You can can link and show external pages like your map (but some JAVA script required) or a picture and update it programmatically.
  • You can not add buttons or other UI element on top/ inside your map, only around it -> might be ok
  • You can not place symbols and markers on the map there is no build in feature in G Web to do this.
  • All of the functionality you need is something your external page must do for you so there is no point in using G Web.

So right now I would say this is pretty much impossible and to be honest I don't blame G Web for this. You project is something G Web is not really build for - at least in my opinion.

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Accepted by Ray.R

I created the Maps for WebVI example that gives you a G API for using Open Street Maps (which can have different providers) or Google Maps.


The example shows you how to place markers on the map that contain relatively simple marker content. For other features like legends, slider, etc you can use the G Web controls and position them around the map.


The example includes a demo which listens for marker clicks and updates a listbox (you can listen for marker events). The demo also listens for listbox events and selects a marker (you can use VIs to manipulate markers).



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Excellent example - thank you.


Plus it helped me understand some of the concepts... Now it's time to explore.

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