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HTTP GET returns error 363650

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URL is working Okay in browser but returns empty 'body' and error code 363650 in G Web Development Software 2022 Q3


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Does the error status string have any helpful info? Likely causes for 363650 is CORS configuration issues. You're accessing the web service directly in the browser but accessing the G Web page from another host address which is then trying to access the web service data at which is a different host address from the G Web access which triggers CORS security checks.



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Adding Access-Control-Allow-Origin * header doesn't seem to help, still generic error 363650 with random error location: HttpClientGet in NI::HTTP::httpWebServerClient.sli::httpWebServer_Get->NI::HTTP::GET.gvi->WebApp::YBB_02_Aug.gviweb


Configure CORS doesn't seem to do anything either... any ideas?

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Adding CORS to any origin (*) still gives 363650 and a random location string: HttpClientGet in NI::HTTP::httpWebServerClient.sli::httpWebServer_Get->NI::HTTP::GET.gvi->WebApp::YBB_02_Aug.gviwebyura_beno_1-1660216057631.png


Do I need to change any of these in http://localhost:3582/web-config


Thank you

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Also tried adding the built GWebVI to a public folder as suggested in Configuring CORS for a LabVIEW Web Service

Note: You do not need to enable CORS if your WebVI and LabVIEW Web Service have the same origin. To achieve this, host the built WebVI in the Public Content Folder of the LabVIEW Web Service the WebVI is making HTTP requests to when running your web application.


but still the same error, I must be missing something

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I'm hosting using IIS10 on Windows11 but that seem to work fine:


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So you're pulling up the page on yuribeno.com but the G Web app is still trying to access the webservice via instead of a relative URI that will map to the same domain. When I open the page, is MY machine and of course I don't have anything running.


Try using "/WebService1/HTTPMethod_1" as the URL for http client methods. Not specifying the authority portion of a URL (the host, port, and any basic auth info) is the recommended approach when everything is running via the same host.

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Thank you for your help

/WebService1/HTTPMethod_1 stopped giving 363650

Now I get 404, the whole message is below and on yuribeno.com


Tried /HTTPMethod_1/ and other string combinations.

Still working okay in any browser:


I must be missing something very basic..

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Accepted by topic author yura_beno

Its working now www.yuribeno.com, had to properly forward the webservice port and use the public IP


Thank you

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