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G Web Development Lag

Good afternoon,


At present I am using the G Web Development to build some web interfaces for a project. 


I have noticed that sometimes when building data structures and you dock or undock them from the node the IDE is real sluggish, sometimes it just hangs, and other times it has crashed. 


*** additional noted behavior***

If I move data structure constants around on the block diagram it is sluggish and sometimes crashes. I noticed that if I close and restart the environment all is well until I move a few of the constants around on the BD and then it starts acting up again.


Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong in the environment to make it angry?



Steven Howell
Controls and Instrumentation Engineer
Jacobs Technologies
NASA Johnson Space Center
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Yes, quite a few crushes and odd behavior that's hard to reproduce, seems like a lot of patching is required.


That being said, still able to design and maintain http://bionichaos.com/ using G Web but eyeballing other tools is NI tends to drop tools recently (e.g. LV-NXG)



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