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Cannot Insert a type defined ring control to Front Panel?

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I created a new type definition in my G Web project. It consisted of solely of a ring control.  The ring control contained the months of the year as labels and their calendar index (1-12) as values.


I can drag an instance of this type defined control onto my G Web block diagram, however, there is no control which appears in the front panel tray.  Same if I change it to an indicator.  Basically the only way I can figure out how to use it is on (only) the block diagram and as a constant. This is no good for what I am trying to do.  I need it as a front panel control.  Is this expected behavior or am I missing something?  In the meantime I can implement this differently, but it will be less elegant.

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Howdy jvon,


I've confirmed the behavior and am asking around about it. Unfortunately right now it looks like the only work-around is to not use a typedef for the ring.

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Accepted by topic author jvon20

It's been confirmed that this is lacking functionality and the typedefs are only usable for BD logic. The workaround of not using typedefs is unfortunately the solution to this issue.

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