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retrigging the logging

I do long time measurements to analyse occasions where high values occur due to plant running. To measure continuous without saving is necessary while the measurements are ongoing for 6 month or so. In Sound and Vibration Assistant you had the possibility to re trigger the signal and have multiple triggers. Normally I start measurements on high values and save one measurement a day to check long trends. Is this possible in Flexlogger? I cannot find it in the manual or in the software

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There is a way to configure a re-triggered acquisition in FlexLogger.On the Logging Specification tab, configure a Start and Stop trigger and then the "Enable re-triggering" option will be available to select. The screenshot below shows how you can re-trigger every time channel cDAQ1\ai0 goes above 9V and then it will log for 1 minute (you could make the stop based on a voltage value as well). Once the stop trigger occurs, it will wait for the start trigger to happen again and then start logging if you have the re-trigger option enabled.


Hope this helps,

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Thank you. My problem is that the enable button is grayed out. Do I have to specify both start and stop first. I have normally multiple start functions?

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The re-triggering option is only available when both start and stop triggers are configured. If you want to have multiple conditions that could start logging, you can use a Calculated channel:


And then you can configure multiple conditions for the boolean formula:



Hope this helps,


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Hello Brad!


I have found it but I think it is a very complicated way to do it. Why not implement the table from sound and vibration Assistant where you just ad what you want and for which channel you prefer. You can have different conditions on every channel or have both time and value.


I measure over long periods of time with many channels and do not want to have all data in the same file, it will grow to big. Can you make a new file for next trigger occasion?


I should want to suggest that you use the “Recording Options” part from Sound and Vibration Assistant and implement it in  FlexLogger, it will give good overview on logging setup. That will give the software good functionality in data logging over long time. There are room for improvement from the Sound and Vibration level to.

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