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Extended displays/ live evaluations in Flexlogger

Hello all,

I am currently testing Flexlogger and there are some big advantages compared to DAQExpress. For example, the programme can display a live FFT of the channels. I am now looking for some more specific live displays and hope someone has experience with this and can tell me if this is possible in Flexlogger.


Is it possible to give reference values for the dB scale?
Is there a way to display thirds or octaves instead of an FFT?
Is it possible to add a spectrogram to a display?


These functions are/were all available in the NI Sound and Vibration Manager and are important components for making a live evaluation during a measurement.


Would it be possible to do this with FlexLogger plugins?



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Looking at the FlexLogger FFT help it looks like there aren't many options when it comes to viewing spectral analysis.

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