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looping set of events



 i want to loop a set of events over and over.


such as 


Event 1 :  after 10 seconds (elapsed time)  set NI-9482 relay 1 closed 

Event 2  : after 10 minutes and ten seconds (elapsed time)  set NI-9482 relay 1 open


now i want to repeat that over and over like a repeating timer circuit to start and stop a motor or pump or whatever it may be.  


any suggestion on how to accomplish looping ?

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There isn't a good way right now to do this with just what is built in to FlexLogger (more advanced sequencing is coming down the line and we will make sure this use case is covered).  There are two extension points you could use to achieve this behavior:

1. Write to SystemLink tags - All outputs in FlexLogger can be controlled using SystemLink tags (https://www.ni.com/documentation/en/flexlogger/latest/manual/using-systemlink-tags-to-exchange-data/).  Essentially you would write a little LabVIEW program (Python support is coming soon) to handle the automation.


2. Write a FlexLogger plugin (another small piece of LabVIEW code) which wrote a channel you could trigger your event/actions off of in product. Resources: http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/378088c.html and https://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/378089c.pdf.  The idea would be once you started the test the plugin could output a value after 10 seconds and a different value after 10 minutes ten seconds.  You could create an event that watches that channel to send the correct output to the 9842.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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Do you have any updates on the "more advanced sequencing" you mentioned in your reply to my original post?  Its very much needed for any life testing of products, etc.




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Hi Paul,


Since Kevin's last post we have implemented a Python automation API for FlexLogger.  Using this API you can write Python scripts to start & stop tests as well as get & set channel values.  Using this you should be able to write a script to accomplish something similar to what you described in your original post.


So while this type of sequencing is not built directly into the FlexLogger application, you can use this API to interact with FlexLogger and perform automation tasks.




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Hello, I am exactly in the same situation.

Not being an expert in python, I have created a script that open Flexlogger , switch on the pump after 5 seconds --->now the pump stays on HIGH position ( NI9482) ; 

now i would like to open a second script, with Flexlogger still open,   switching the pump off , 

and then loop for X times. 

Do you have a whole script to send me to copy and adapt to my situation? Thanks all for help 

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