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Flexlogger with XNET card seems unreilable

I maintain 4 logging computers for various bench tests and so forth. This usually involves a cdaq (9188, or 9189) with some thermocouple cards and voltage cards and then 9862 CAN cards.


Most of the time the testing requires letting flexlogger run for multiple days unattended or only checking in once a day. Why does XNET crash constantly causing the logging to screw up even for my analog data? I come back 2-3 days later and flexloggers looks to be still running but nope it has crashed at some point and data not recorded. This happens across multiple chassis, multiple cards and multiple laptops. At least from what I can tell.


I've tried uninstalling all NI software and reinstalling different versions. I've ran into problems with unreliability in later version then uninstall and go back to 2021R1, which seemed to be the most reliable. But just this weekend, I get the XNET error within several hours and didn't record data for the test after the error occured. Also have had flexlogger just crash on startup multiple times, some erl.exe error.


I'm at the point where I'm thinking about giving up on flexlogger. We can't seem to reliably acquire data for a test. I'm pretty sure I can get a $20 dollar Arduino with a CAN shield to be more reliable.


Does anyone else have reliability issues with Flexlogger running while acquiring CAN data via XNET card?



There is also a dialog box that pops up for XNET error that I haven't captured a screen shot of.



Adam R Baker
Cummins Inc.
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Hi Adam,


Based on the screenshot you provided, I believe I can provide a bit more clarity on what you are seeing, as well as hopefully a step to improve it.


Looking at each of the errors and warnings in the screenshot, all of these are being caused by the network connection to the ethernet chassis being disconnected. XNET just reports this as an error, and DAQmx as a warning.


That being said one way internally we saw major improvement on chassis connectivity reliability was by upgrading the firmware versions to at least 20.0.0f1.  The version that is included by default from manufacturing is between 17.1-18.0 and there have been some major improvements since then. Obviously there are a handful of other steps that can be done to help troubleshoot connectivity issues that can be found here as well: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000YGv1CAG&l=en-US


As for the other two issues you talked about, if you could provide a screenshot of the XNET popup, as well as a log from the erl.exe error crash I would be happy to work through those as well.



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Thanks for the input. I have not upgraded any firmware on the cdaq chassis. I'll definitely be doing that and see how things go.


I thought I captured a screen shot of the other errors but can't find the images. I'll make sure to capture those when I see them and upload here. Thanks for the help.



Adam R Baker
Cummins Inc.
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