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FlexLogger plugin repository?

Is there a central location where people can share FlexLogger plugins? If not, are there any plans to have a public plugin repo?


A lot of value is added to FlexLogger through plugins, but I suspect many FlexLogger users don't know where to start actually writing a plugin that fulfils their needs (plus plugin development requires a LabVIEW license).

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I'm not aware of a central location


We have released 1 plugin on the NI Tools Network:


Channel monitoring with email alerts:


And we are about to add our Modbus plugin to it.


Hope this helps,


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I have just started a Reddit page for all things related to FlexLogger. I will be linking to any and all plugins I come across and hopefully you will join and link/upload plugins you have.

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Would you mind joining the new community and help grow the knowledge base?

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