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Announcing FlexLogger 2023 Q2

FlexLogger 2023 Q2 is out now and available for download!


New Features Include:

  • Collect more accurate thermocouple measurements by using a sensor as your cold junction compensation (CJC) source instead of a constant value. In the thermocouple channel configuration dialog, set the CJC source to Sensor and map to another RTD or thermocouple channel in the same chassis to use as the CJC source.
  • Synchronize digital lines in your 62xx multifunction I/O device with analog channels configured on the same device.
  • Synchronize the onboard counters in your 62xx and 63xx multifunction I/O devices with analog channels configured on the same device.
  • Configure FlexLogger to retry publishing files to SystemLink after restoring a lost connection.
  • Send strings from third party devices to FlexLogger using the FlexLogger Plug-in Development Kit 1.6.
  • Use the FlexLogger Python API to programmatically update the log file description and add or modify several test properties at once in your Logging Specification document.
  • Halt or resume all graphs on your Screen document simultaneously by toggling Pause all graphs CyanRyan_0-1682090586768.jpeg
  • Avoid manual data entry when specifying multiple scaling factors for your channel. In the channel configuration, select Table as the scaling type, copy two columns of space or tab separated values, and paste the values into the table.
  • See the average value for a segment of data on a graph. In your Screen document, hover over the data to see statistical information.
  • Configure your RMS and Mean channels to average all the data you collected for the channel since starting the test or opening a project.
  • (Preview Feature) Reduce disk space when logging in FlexLogger by configuring your project to log at a low-fidelity rate. Use the Logging Specification to set trigger conditions and enable low-fidelity logging.


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