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my feldpoint device (fp-1601) is not showing up on MAX

just curious on what the problem would be if i have my fieldpoint devices and i am using the FP-1601 module to communicate with my computer via an ethernet computer and it is not showing up in measurement and studio under Remote Systems like it should. I have checked and it is getting a signal and a connection from the fildpoint module but is not appearing in MAX. I have Labview 8.0.1 and have already installed the driver CD that came with the module. Thanks for the help.

Andrew Stroup
Project Engineer
BarDyne, Inc.
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How you are connecting FP 1601 to PC?.
Try this:
1. Just Reset the IP on FP by DIP switches. 
2. Restart FP.
3. Open MAX.
4. Press F5.
Hope this will work.



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