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Hi all, I'm currently trying to make my compact Fieldpoint system to have the stand-alone & able to connect to internet function. It's main controller of this system is cFP-2120. However I'm stuck at the step of trying to install the program of this data logger. Does anyone knows what does this means? Related link is & I'm stuck at the 2nd step of data logger source folder,


  1. Open a new project in LabVIEW.
  2. Add the FieldPoint cFP-2XXX to the project.  It is suggested that you right-click on the project and use Import » FieldPoint Configuration.
  3. Download and unzip
  4. Drag the cFP Data Logger Source Folder under the real-time target.
  5. Open the  This is the top level VI.

I'm unable to import any folders in from fieldpoint configuration, & for step 4, where does the real-time target comes from?


Thanks for helping. 😃

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Look here (How to Add a FieldPoint Controller to a LabVIEW Project).


In order to import a configuration file, go to the Project Explorer Window.  Right-click on the Project (the first line in the tree), and select Import » FieldPoint Configuration.



Kevin S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi, thanks for your help=) I've manage to drag the file into my targeted controller. I am now doing the setting of the data logger program, but there's one thing I'm unsure of. May I know what does it mean by the cFP controller clock? . Thanks. 😃


Log On Startup Start logging when the controller powers up.
Start Log Time The time to start logging.
Stop Log Time

The time to stop logging.

Note: Make sure the clock is set correctly on the controller. The settings described above refer to the cFP controller clock.

Log Rate

The number of milliseconds to wait between each acquisition.

FP Drive For Data Files

The drive to store the log files in. The C: drive is the default for all cFP controllers. If you want to save to the removable CompactFlash drive on the cFP controller, select the 😧 drive.

Digital "Pause" Line

The Digital Input item to use as a "pause" button for data logging. Logging pauses when the signal is high. When the signal goes low again, a new file is created and logging continues if appropriate.

Note: Use only Digital Input items for the Digital "Pause" Line.
Tip: You can use DIP Switch 3 to block the current data from being logged. This switch works the same way as the Digital "Pause" line.

Logging Session TagIs stamped on the spreadsheet that the data logger creates.
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In this context, the clock refers to an actual time-telling clock, not an oscillator.  You want to ensure that your clock is set correctly so that the start/stop timestamps are correct.  You may change the clock by either using the Set Date and or by configuring a timeserver.
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Hi, thanks for the advice. But my problem now has worsen, my data logger program can't run & my previous temperature taking DAQ system is having weird temperature values such as negative 0.9241E-6. May I know is it got to do with the installation of this data logger program due to, I didn't change any of the programming within the front panel or block diagram of my original DAQ system at all.

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Is that .9e-6 value in degrees or volts?  If I had to guess, I would say that the configuration settings were either lost or overwritten in a way that now that thermocouple channel is measuring volts instead of degrees.  Check the configuration of the channels again in MAX.
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Hi, now my whole thermocouple is disconnected and I didn't touch anything to change the software. May I know what is happening and what are the steps I can do to connected it back again? Do I need to delete away the whole data logger program? I think that previous problem of the weird value is because the cFP data controller program is not program specifically for my cFP-2120 controller hence they could not communicate with each other.

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sorry all, my thermocouple is able to connect back already.=) but the reading is still in weird values. can I delete the data logger program away?
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Hi shuyun,


You can delete anything you want.  If you're just running an executable (not put on your computer through the use of an installer), just delete the executable file.  You're done.


If you installed an installer on your computer, you can go to Add/Remove Programs and select the program to uninstall.  Either way, you can get the program off your computer.


I hope this helps,

Kevin S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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