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I have made a DSC Project in which i had made a library. In the Library there are two virtual folders and both the folders are having shared variables. The variables in the folders are identical in properties but are having different names like VFD AI in one Virtual folder & VFD AI_FP in the other. Moreover, VFD AI is binded with VFD AI_FP. Likewise all the variables in one folder are binded with the variables of the other folder.


Some days back, the library was fine and correct to be deployed on the Host PC whenever needed. But now i am having the following error (whose snapshot is attached) whevever i tries to deploy the library. I am uncertain where the mistake is as i had modified the library with more variables and it is possible that while modifying i had landed in making some un-intentional mistakes.


Please help me if someone has the possible solution.


Thanks & Regards,


Samriddh Sarbalhi



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It sounds like you bound variable A to variable B, and bound variable B to variable A.  I don't think you can do that and that is the cycle it talks about.  You only need to bind A to B,  OR B to A.  Only set the bindings on one, once that is done, the two are bound to each other.  Binding both to each other is technically redundant, but to the degree that is confuses LabVIEW.
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Accepted by topic author samriddh

Hello Ravens fan,


Your answer sounds like true one but i checked the binding more than one attempts.

It might be possible that the variable would have been missed.

I simply re-created the effected variable and now the library is working fine.


Thanks & Regards,

Samriddh Sarbalhi  

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