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What is the maximum cable distance that a general 100 ohm RTD can go without signal distortion?

As well as 4-20mA? What is the maximum cable length that a 4-20mA current source can go without signal distortion when connecting to Fieldpoint
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Every manufacturer has different specs on how long the leads can be for their RTDs. In order to have longer distances, some manufacturers use shielded leads to reduce any noise on the signal...but in general, the leads cannot be very long (10 feet, maybe), because the longer the lead is, the more resistance that you will be reading.

If your device is located far away from the Fieldpoint Modules, you can always use a RTD Temperature trandsucer that converts the RTD signal to a 4-20 mA signal.
The 4-20 mA signal is widely used for long distance measurements (hundreds of feet). In this case, using shielded cable is required to remove any noise that might be present on the signal.
I have used Belden shielded cable ( the past with very good res
ults for long distance measurements reading 4-20mA signals (RTD Transducer used).
Many companies manufacture RTDs (honeywell, yokogawa,t-tec, etc). Below is the link to the t-tec webpage.
Once again, for long distances, the 4-20mA signal would better.
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