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Read multiple fieldpoint for loop

I have my Field Point hardware addressed in global variables to ease the updatability of my whole project.
During starup i would like to read all the devices to check if they are online and what status they have. So how do i build a for loop to "easily" read all the devices from a cluster. The devices are in the second sub-cluster and i can't figure out how to do it.

All FP-
    Digital In
        Device 1
        Device 2
        Device 3
    Digital Out
        Device 1
        Device 2
        Device 3

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I found out one solution, but i don't like it. Then i have to make many property nodes and so forth.
Better solution than this thank you.
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It seems like everyone is on their summer vacation when all the forums that i have subscribed to is "on idle". I hope someone would know a good solution to my question.
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Post a sample vi so I know what you are trying to do.
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Here is what i've done. Is there a better solution because i have quite a few of these FP devices. This seems to be working and the subVI that i didn't provide is just fetching the FP names from a global VI that is updated from a settings files.
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Here is a quick shot at a clean way to do this.  Let me know if it helps.


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