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Reporting Posts to the Moderator

Reporting Posts to the Moderator

There are several occasions that may warrant the need to report a post to the moderator, for either editing or removal.  It is important that all forum users know how to do this.  We all are prone to spelling mistakes, uploading incorrect files, or accidentally posting before we’re ready.  Additionally, sometimes another user may post inappropriate or offensive content.  In these situations, it is very important to flag the posts as soon as you see them, as that type of behavior is not tolerated on our boards.


In order to report something to the forum moderator, you will need to take the following steps:


  1. In the upper right hand corner of each post, there is an Optionsdrop-down menu.  Clicking on it will expand a list of actions you can take.  Near the bottom is the option “Report to a Moderator."    

    Report to moderator.png

  3. Opting to report a post to the moderator will redirect you to the following page:  

     Notify moderator.png

Here, you will need to write an explanation of why you are reporting this particular post.  This is a very important step because without any reasoning behind your request, the moderator does not have justification for performing and actions.


  • If the post requires editing – perhaps some confidential information needs to be removed – please indicate what changes you would like to be made here.
  • If the post needs to be removed – most commonly, this happens when the post is abusive – please indicate your reason for flagging it (for example, “SPAM!”).

Once you click Notify Moderator, an email with the request will be sent to the moderator.  The issue is typically addressed within a business day, if action is warranted.


Please keep in mind that we are not keen on removing posts because “the issue was solved” or because assistance is no longer needed.  These threads are public collaborative spaces and even if you no longer need the answer to the posted question, someone else may benefit from it.  Therefore, we strive to avoid removing threads that contain potentially useful information related to NI Products.


We will remove accidental duplicate posts.  We will remove spam, abusive messages, and confidential files/personal information.


Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Stephanie R.
National Instruments
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