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Probes not working


Whenever we try to run a program with probes for debugging, we always get "Not executed" for the wire value no matter what. We are using a wired connection, but our problems seemed to have started when we switched from using bluetooth to using a wired connection. Does anyone have a solution?

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Probes will work only if the VI is target to computer. If the VI is not targetted to the computer, the File menu will have an item called Target to Computer.

If you wish to debug a program which is Target to NXT/EV3, you must create an indicator on the wire you would probe, and run in Debug mode (next to the Run button). The indicators will then update on the front panel while the program is running.

Let me know if that was the problem.

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We already had the program targeted to the computer.

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Does this occur with a new VI, too?

Can you post program, so that I can take a look?


Thomas Capuano

Thomas C.
FlexRIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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