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Error 74 LabView

We are encountering error 74 when we try to run our program from the computer connected to the NXT. We have been trying to found out about error 74 without much luck.

While tethered, all the components in our robot work, but the schematic and the controller do not match.  Untethered, only the wheels function and we can't get the lift mechanism to work at all.  When we try to connect to the FIRST Tech Challenge field, when it goes into teleop mode, the computer says that it doesn't have a teleop program working.  Please help!!

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Hi DHSGatorzillasRobotics,

There seems to be some documentation of similar issues on other posts. Take a look at some of the solution links/troubleshooting steps posted:

Let us know if this isn't the problem you're referring to.


Kristen M

Automated Test Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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