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New to FTC - Teaching Labview to students

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As a MIddle School teacher, I would like to help prepare my students to start an FTC team for the next season. I am still exploring the differences between the two kits, and hope to purchase some classroom kits by the summer to run some workshops to get the students started. In the meantime I would like to start teaching the students how to use Labview while I work out some of the details with respect to the expected budget and funding etc. Would I be able to have access to the FTC Labview installs to runs some clubs during the school year to get students interested and exposed to FTC and Labview in preparation for the fall season?

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When you download LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS 2012 it installs as a 30 day trial if you don't give it a serial number. The Trial mode is fully functional so you can program and deploy FTC robots. This will give you a month to play around and test everything with your students.

I recomend using this Introduction to LVLM training to give you a good start.

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