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Write To - Read From SmartDriverStation Not Working

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When trying to utilize the Sent to and Receive From SmartDriverStation VIs in LabVIEW, I am not recieving any data on the Dashboard project from the robot that is sending it. I've done probe test of the LabVIEW code on the dashboard and I have verified that it is not picking up the robot IP address and instead is using the IP of I'm not sure what is wrong or what setting I am missing on the Dashboard Project. How do I get the dashboard to see the robot's IP address? Please help if you can.


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Are you running the driver station when this is occuring?

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I solved my issue. I was misunderstanding how to use the "SD Write Variable" and "SD Read Variable" VIs. The SD Read and Write VIs are only used in the Robot Project, not in the Dashboard Project like I was thinking.

In the robot code, you use the SD Write Variable VIs to send values to the Dashboard. In the same way, you use SD Read Variable VIs to read values that are being sent from the dashboard. On the Dashboard side, you simply create indicators with names that match the SD Write Variables that were created in the robot project and controls with names that match the SD Read Variables in the robot code. These controls and indicators on the dashboard do not wire to anything and nothing wires to them.

It helped that I looked around a little and found the FRC 2013 Dashboard Tutorial which showed me what I was doing wrong.



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