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Talon srx Can bus skipping?

This is my first year trying to program talon srx motor controls with the can bus connections. What I'm trying to do is get a gear box with 4 mini CIM's to lift an elevator we are testing but the motor controls keep blinking red/yellow or green/yellow depending on what button is being pressed. The way I'm programming it is by connecting the to a Registry then I have used to connect the other 2 motors on the gearbox and programming it the same way you would a normal PWM channel like a Spark. Don't know if there is a special way to program the talons or not.

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Hello 5411,


Thanks for using the National Instruments forums for FRC. I understand you intend to use the Following feature for your Talon SRX pairs. Since one of them is always flashing in yellow, I presume the follower is not being set correctly.


I would try the following snippet and see if it behaves correctly for you:


talon follower config.png


Remember you have to use the Phoenix tools for CTRE devices, as well as configure them using the Tuner software they provide.


You can also find more information regarding their functions in the documentation website they have provided: Welcome to Phoenix’s documentation!


All the best.

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