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Question about the Camera

Hi, I'm a first year volunteer for FRC team 6094 and we can't find our axis camera. We don't have a record of a camera being shipped to us, nor is it in the online KOP inventory as being an item shipped to us. I'm using Labview to run the RoboRIO and we keep getting error messages because we don't have a camera attached to our robot. Were we supposed to have a camera shipped to us? Are we supposed to buy our own camera? Is there a simple way to defeat the Labview error codes so we can test our communications to the rest of the motors?

We would appreciate guidance in this matter.


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Robot Main should have two buttons: Enable Vision? and Finish

Ensure the green LED on Enable Vision? is dark.  If so, the code shouldn't be calling any vision sections of your code that would error out if a camera was missing.

I'm not sure about the rest and what comes with the KoP.  But, the team I mentor is running with a cheaper USB camera ~$20 rather than working with the Axis this year.

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