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Problem to open more than 4 jaguar controlled motors in

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Hi everyone.

We are having trouble with a simple task in our project. Any advise or help is greatly apreciated.

We have 5 JAGUAR controlled motors.

2 motors are for the Drive of our robot. (We are using a Tank Drive)

2 motors are for controlling a Linear Axis.

1 motor is for controlling another linear Axis.

The problem is that when we use the first 2 motors isolated, everithing works fine.

When we add the other 2 motors in (4 motors in total), everything works OK.

But, the problem is when we add a 5th motor in (5 motors in total), Telop mode does not work (no motor moves).

At first, we thought thiw was a problem with our 5th motor, however, we did firther testing:

We enabled the first 2 motors (drive) plus our 5th motor (3 motors in total) and everything works OK.

We have concluded that when we put them together in, something happens.

Has anyone come across anything similar?

The code is pretty simple, but if you want to see it, I can post it.

Thanks in advance.

Joel Castillo

Programming Mentor

Team 3526


[EDIT] I have included both and

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We have found our problem thanks to a reply from another post in another forum:

We encourage other teams to ask their problems in this forum!

Our problem was with the sidecar, we replaced it and that was it.

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