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MXP current capability

The MXP spec says that the 3.3 and 5V can be used to operate custom electronics.  What are the current limits?

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Just to be clear.  I assume that you are pointing to the Power Output table in the spec.  The roboRIO User Manual talks about a 5.0V rail and block diaghram shows the onboard DIO, MPX, SPI, and AI using 5.0V.  Is the 1 A of 5.0V from the table the total that is available for all 5.0 V functions?

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Yes. The user 5 V rail is all shared across all places you see reference to 5 V (such as AI, DIO, SPI, etc.). Other integrated places where 5 V happen to be used are not included such as USB vbus. You can read the current and voltage of the user rail in the power API of WPILib.

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