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Labview Real-Time Error?

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I've had all my things updated when i was at the Kick off, and i just went trough deleting the 2011 software, so they wouldnt be conflicting with the new items but no matter what i do to my program on just the first deployment, i get this error (in the picture below) and i cant see what the problem is? All of my software is uptodate but i keep getting the same error.

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My first guess would be that you have not imaged your cRIO with the latest image.  The latest image is v47.  Have you run the cRIO Imaging Tool?  You can access it from the Utilities tab of the LabVIEW Getting Started Window.

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In my thought, you'd better update the firmware of hardware.

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Actualy thats the one thing i didnt do! thanks for the help!

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