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LabVIEW for Linux

After countless hours of searching, I talked to someone at kickoff and they directed me towards these forums. I am the main programmer for my team, I did all the programming last year, but in the past off season my windows died. Having fallen in love with Ubuntu, I use that for everything on my computer, not even having access to windows. This season I need to do programming, having the most experience with the program. We have a computer for our driver station as that requires you to have windows, but there should be no reason for me to not be able to program on my computer. The only problem is that all the resources distributed for the teams are the disks, drives, and downloads all for windows. I was told that there should be no reason that the serial number given to the team wouldn't work, but it appears that the linux version of LabVIEW is not available anywhere online. (I actually know why). I just need the base program as I am fairly certain that I should be able to get, not the robotics update, but the contents of the update to at least work (won't get the cool splash screen though). If anyone could be of any help I would greatly appriciate it.

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LabVIEW RT (which is what is used for the cRIO) is not availible for Linux, so even if you could get your hands on LabVIEW for linux, you wouldn't be able to use it for FRC programming.

If you are set on programming in linux, the java FRC programming environment is supported on linux.

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I knew there was a Linux version of LabVIEW, I didn't even think about the RT side...

Thanks for the info sciencewiz!

Sorry joekillston... I will keep an ear open and will let you know if I hear any update on this.


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To back up what sciencewhiz noted, you could likewise use the Eclipse CDT environment if you feel more comfortable with C/C++.

(note that the download provided by NI is only for Windows, but it is simple enough to install Eclipse and configure it for use with an external cross-compile toolchain, instructions for which are widely available online)

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I thank everyone who commented for all your information. It seems that I won't be able to get it working the way that I hoped ; however, I did manage to get a copy of windows 7 from out school's IT guy, so I should be able to get things done. While I don't necessarily need the information now, anyone that has a valid solution is welcome to still post it. At the very least this thread should hopefully save several people hours of frustration looking for something that doesn't exist.

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