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[LabVIEW Crash] Statechart module cause Fatal Internal Error

I contacted NI through customer support earlier this day and I was told it would be better to post the problem here.

We use the Statechart Module which is supplied to FRC Teams for programming our robot, this year we decided to use this module for our whole code and it worked perfectly for the first few weeks. In recent weeks when we try to edit a diagram we get 2 errors:

  1. Fatal Internal Error 0x1A7102DF: "fpsance.cpp", line 547 LabVIEW version 15.0f2. It shows up after editing a guard or a state static action and clicking ok. LabVIEW crashes afterwards and the changes are not saved.
  2. If the 1st error didn't show up after clicking OK we get very often an error when trying to save our work: "Cannot load Diagram of "" with a button to Cancel Save. After this we get a few other errors saying "Insane TypeID "7" in "": {id } {0x4} and 7 others replacing the number 8 with the numbers 1-7.

The Operating System is Windows 10 64-bit. (Screenshots are attached)

This is extremely urgent because we compete at our Regional Competition in 6 days and our whole code is based on statecharts, we basically can't change any code that is written with this module without getting one of the errors. (Sometimes we get lucky and manage to insert some edits every now and then but it takes a lot of tries).

Please help us,

Guy Morag - BumbleB #3339, Israel.

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The ‘insane’ error message will pop up when an object in LabVIEW doesn’t pass an internal sanity check. If these errors are serious enough, LabVIEW will exit because something has become corrupted, and it doesn’t want to save corrupted VIs over good VIs. See this link for more information:

What Does an “Insane Object” or “fpsane.cpp” Error Mean and What Should I Do?

There are some possible fixes listed in that document. I would recommend copying and pasting your code into new VIs if possible, particularly any VIs that are giving you these errors. If you have another computer, it could also be helpful to move your project over there and try just opening it and re-saving it.

Let me know how these steps go!


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The crashes still occur, can you please help us with this?

It wasn't an issue in the last weeks because we didn't add anything new to the statechart at the competition, but we would like to resolve this in order to continue coding with no issues for the odd-season events coming in a few weeks.

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Were you able to try copying and pasting the related code into new VIs? There are also a few suggestions listed in the document I linked earlier. Let us know if those steps help!


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