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Import Autodesk File to Labview

So I have been chasing my tail looking for how to use the Robot Simulation Tool in order to get a working model of our prospective Robot into simulation mode. All of our CAD team uses Autodesk, (with on ProE holdout that no one really talks to), and Inventor and Labview really do not have a set import export path. I've tried working through Blender and Sketchup and even the FBX tool to try and get Labview to understand the file, but the best I can do is import the drawing file into Blender, save that as a .dae, and run it in the Robot Sim, only for it to collapse Labview after a couple seconds of chewing on it. Any idea on how to make the two talk, or am I just out of luck this year?

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At this time, National Instruments doesn't support changing the robot or the field in the robot simulation mode. This mode is primarily used to test that code will run on a robot as written, rather than building your own robot and field in software.

Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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Thank you, but if I could rephrase the question, can a simple import be done into the Robot Simulator tool from an existing Autodesk Inventor file?

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In the full blown Robotics Simulator in LabVIEW -yes. In the version we ship with FRC - no.  We have been discussing exposing this functionality in future releases but wanted to simplify the experience for teams this year as they get used to the simulator.  We think it is still a useful development and teaching tool even though you will need to change some things for your actual bot.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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