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Getting NetConsole data into a file

Does NetConsole have a data logger? I would like to get the ouput displayed in the NetConsole window into a text file. Windows Select All and paste only gets what is displayed, and trying to mark a larger range for cutting doesn't work

fast and is hit or miss. I have many printf's.

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If you triple-click in the net console window, it will select everything in the buffer. There is currently no log to file option.

The act of selecting also copies that text to the clip board. You should then be able to paste in your favorite text editor.

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Netconsole uses UDP broadcast on port 6666. There are many programs that can listen on that port and log the data. I've used netcat before to do it. Here's a tool that team 492 wrote that does it also: Here's some python code that could be easily modified to log data:

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