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FRC Labview Licensing

I am a mentor for FIRST Team 935 RaileRobotics.

We received new laptops for the team this year.

With that, we have also obtained IT support from the school district.

With that support, the IT group is asking for official documentation for FRC LabVIEW licensing.

Being a long time LabVIEW user, I know what the 'industry' licensing is.

However, some years back, I remember a document that stated something different -- to the effect of being 'unlimited' for FRC team use.

I am glad to see the IT group insisting on following correct licensing.  Where can I find an official licensing scheme for FRC LabVIEW software use?

Thank you,


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Thanks for reaching out to us about this! Officially, you can license LabVIEW for FRC on up to 20 computers, provided that those computers are used exclusively for FRC purposes. I've linked a thread below that goes into more detail on this. Let me know if you have any further questions!



(also, as a side note: any response you see on the forums where the username has the blue NI logo above it means that response was posted by an NI employee with an email address, so you can be sure they're legitimate)

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