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Adding Help to custom VIs

My team has many custom VIs that we wish to add proper "Help" files to.  I have cracked the code on how to make a "Help" file and link it to a custom VI so that it comes up when you click "Help for this VI".  However, I have not been able to move the custom VI to another machine and have the help file transfer.

Any ideas on how to keep the Help file linked to my custom VIs?



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Are you going through File -> VI Properties -> Documentation?  Or, are you using another method to create your help file?

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Bo, I used the method you outlined below to link the compiled html help file to the VI. It works great on the producing machine but I can not transfer it to another machine.

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I'm guessing the html file doesn't come along with so it doesn't appear on the other PC?

Try creating a folder for your FRC specific custom VIs.  In that folder, you can also have the html files.  When you give the custom VIs, try giving the entire folder.  I'd expect the relative path wouldn't change in this case (it's always in the same folder) so you'd be able to transfer them around easily.

I suspect something is taking place in terms of where things are being saved on the other PCs such that the relative path changes and causes the link to break.

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