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FRC LabVIEW Simulation

We are trying to use the FRC Simulation Viewer to test our code.  We tested it on two different computers and both gave us this "blank" green screen.  Are we missing a step?  Is the base field no longer loaded?

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Can you give us a step by step of what you are doing?

The simulator will only run from Robot Main so if you are trying to run a different vi I do not think the simulator will work.

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Here's a good tool that can help capture your exact steps!


Record steps to reproduce a problem -

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I called in and talked to K. Kidson.  She is going to check with R&D to see if they have any additional suggestions but her next step was to have us either do repair install or uninstall and reinstall.  Unfortunately that doesn't meet the "risk / reward" for both of these computers for us so we will just have to do without until the start of next build season.


I am changing the target on robot main and running it as specified in this document and the tutorial in LabVIEW.  I have done simulation in past years and have never had this problem.


Interestingly if I hit the pause button on the simulation I get error -310191

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Just to follow up NI contacted me again to tell me this is a confirmed and reproduced bug.  Not sure why we are just seeing it now or any of the other details.  Hopefully this doesn't affect next year's simulation stuff.

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