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Compressor feedback

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Hello all, we are trying to see if there's a way to read the current psi on the compressor so we can set a limit to the maximum psi and fill the compressor automatically. We have a spike relay with a compressor set up right now. Thank you!

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Accepted by IdoShamir

The pressure switch in the Kit of Parts (and required by the rules) is simply a switch. It doesn't tell you what PSI the system is at, but only that it is above or below 120 PSI.

The Compressor VIs are designed to read the pressure switch and operate the compressor automatically. Have you looked at the pneumatics examples included with LabVIEW?

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Thank you. You were right. The problem was that we also wrote the Relay part and that is not needed because it's part of the Compressor code and actaully makes the DIO Get not work!

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