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hi, i can´t update the crio with the image of these year, it appear these (photo) someone can help me??

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Hey Luis,

My guess is that you've directly connected the cRIO to your computer but haven't properly configured the subnet on your computer. You can avoid this by connecting both your cRIO and computer to the D-Link Router so that it will handle your computers IP and subnet for you. So, try connecting the cRIO and computer to the D-Link then run the FRC Imaging Tool. It's also possible that your firewall is interfering with the connection, you could try disabling it.

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In addition to what Ryan_S stated, you might also turn off any additional network adapters you have such as wireless cards. You want to make sure that the one wired connection you are using to connect to the cRIO is the only working connection. This does mean turning off or disabling the wireless card even if it is not connecting to any wireless networks.

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