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Autonomous Problems HELP!!!!!

    In my program (btw I am using labview for frc 2013) i am running it in robotmain. That should deploy all of the .vi's. But my autonomous is not. I had not changed any settings it kind of just happened. When i make a new program the same thing keeps happening. Why?

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First, I'd suggest moving up to LabVIEW for FRC 2014. But other than that, and not knowing much about your code some things you might try are.

Some Basics

- Does Teleop Run (i.e. can you drive the robot with a joystick)

- Make sure Autonoumous is set on your driver station when you enable the robot.

- Make sure your Robot Code light is green


- put a break point on one of the wires in the Autonomous vi, then goto and hit the Run arrow. The code will deploy and run. If the program does not stop at the break point, the VI is not really running.

if you zip your main functions from your software (i.e.,, etc) I can try to look at it but I took LabVIEW for FRC 2013 off my computer so I'm not sure if I could do much more than look at it.

Good Luck

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