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The TDM Header Writer C API provides an easy to use interface enabling you to leverage all of the TDM file functionality with binary files created during high speed data acquisition, data acquisition in a Real Time system or existing binary files. Creating TDM files in LabVIEW is very simple with the help of the Data Storage VIs. In certain cases the Data Storage VIs may not be able to meet the application's requirements. If your application requires high speed streaming of data, the Data Storage VIs might not perform at the required speed. In the case that you are using a Real Time system the Data Storage VIs are not available. You might also have existing binary files which you want to easily convert to the TDM format. For these reasons NI has developed the TDM Header Writer C API.

Note: Visual Studio 2005 or higher is required for the 64bit version.


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Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.


We have implemented the "TDM Header Writer C API" in one of our programs for importing and exporting TDM files.

The API was recommended to us by the NI support. 

Where do I find the license conditions of the usage of the TDM Header Writer DLL (niTdmHW1_0.dll)?
We would like to deliver the DLL to our customer, but need a written confirmation, that we are not violating the license.