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Synchronous Image for WebVI

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  • G Web Development Software

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Synchronous Image gives a control similar to the URL Image control built-in to G Web Development Software but is intended to be used as an image that updates rapidly. See a demo in your browser.


Behavior of the G Web built-in URL Image:

  • Great for relatively static images or images that change infrequently
  • Behaves like the browser native <img> tag
  • Updating the url clears the image immediately and allows the image to progressively load if supported by the image
  • If updated too quickly can appear to flicker or appear to ignore the change in url (the url changes again before the image has loaded)


Behavior of the Synchronous Image example:

  • Great for images that change quickly
  • Updating the url is blocking and the image is only updated after loading has finished
  • Can only update the url as fast as the new image loads so no flickering in the image




Release 2: Added Update Source By Byte Array

Release 1: First Release



Example code from the Example Code Exchange in the NI Community is licensed with the MIT license.

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