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SNR measurement VI?

Re: SNR measurement VI?

Hi Doug,


Sure, plesae see my recent post about acquiring and processing large data sets.




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Re: SNR measurement VI?


           I am doing same type calculation in my code that I am calculating power of a signal after highpass filter. As you said in this thread about power calculation and you are using DC/RMS Vi but I have done it according to the power formula. Can you help me whether it is wrong or right. I just used the power formula(integration(squre of signal)/total time).


One more doubt, I want to calculate the SNR of signal of interest(noise+good) to the good signal but I am not using Sound and vibration toolkit. Its different application. Is there any special Vi that can calculate the SNR(20log(P1/P2)).

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Re: SNR measurement VI?


Hey there , 


I have downloaded your attached programme and found that you have used an adaptive filter and so on ... Please, could you send me your full programme ... I will be really thankful.

 Regards , 

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