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M-Series Multi Device Dma Analog input parallel



I am trying to make an multi device dma analog input aquistion on 3 M-Series PCI6259 cards on Windows7 using NI-VISA.

The dma mode is RING buffer on all 3 cards.


The first card is working, if i sequentially read the 2nd and the 3rd one after the 1st one

i get dma-read(..) status either kBufferOverflow or a timeout after x tries for the 2nd and the 3rd card.


If I disable the 1st card the 2nd card is working and the 3rd not.


Only if i stop via dma->stop (); and restart via dma->start(); after each aqusition I am able to recieve data from all 3 cards.

The solution with start and stop is not an option for me because it takes a lot of time and i have to read the always 1 sample from all 3 cards

after another for a real time controll.


I tried to use a different dma channel for the 3 cards but it did not help.


If anyone has an idea, i would appreciate.








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