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Instead of using the make file can you build nirlpk.sys using MS WDK 8.0 on VS2012?

After downloading the NI nimhddk_windowsWDM-2 and -1

Instead of using the make file I built nirlpk.sys using MS WDK 8.0 on VS2012

I copied the source files out of the dir /nirlpk to the MS template for WDM drivers

It built after turning warnings as errors off.

After uninstalling the NI_DMX driver I tried to install the RLP driver that consisted of nirlp.inf and nirlpk.sys

I got this message:

Windows found driver software for your device but encounted and error while attempting to install it.


Driver is not intended for this platform


Is the nirlp.inf file correct for loading on Windows 7 64 bit?



Any ideas?

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