Distributed Control & Automation Framework (DCAF)

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data in module runtime class private data, multiple instances of module

hi all,


I am assuming that is ok to store data in the runtime classes' private data, even if there are multiple instances of that module running within the same engine? Not data shift registered within module VIs LV2 global style, which requires pre-allocated clones. 

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Hi Mark, yes it is alright to run time class private data for storing information for each instance of your module, In fact this is the correct way of doing it. The engine keeps this information for each instance and that is how we normally manage reference and other instance specific data. 

Using a FGV inside of a module on the other side will have conflicts not only inside of one engine but with any other instance of the module that is running.

Best Regards


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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thank you Benjamin, just need to check and make sure.

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