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Silly Question

Can the name of the module as it appears in the 'Add Module' right click menu be edited or is it always the execution class name?

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Also... there are two Get Category VI's. One in the Configuration class and one in the editor node class.

Overriding both doesn't appear to move the module into the correct category.

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 The questions are related.  Both properties are stored in a variable called cache data.  The Vi that loads them is \vi.lib\NI\DCAF\Tag Editor Core\Framework Configuration Classes\class cache\classify plclass.vi

 For the Get Category VI's, the one you need to update is the one in the editor node. If you are not seeing changes on the categories, try refreshing the plugins. In the configuration editor go to Tools>> Refresh Plugging.

  Currently the only supported name is the class name. To allow getting a different name, we have starting adding some of the hooks, but some changes are required that will break backward compatibility, that is why we didn’t go with it. The main part is it will require changes on the main Editor VI for in the AddNode case, as well as changing the Engine Parent Node, Edit Options VI to change. Also, we would need to update this not just for engine but for every node so it uses the right values, if not we would have classes and names mismatches.


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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