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Distributed Control & Automation Framework (DCAF)

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Module without a Category

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Is it possible to configure a module to have no category?

I.e. they appear immediately in the 'add' list?


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Accepted by topic author niNickC

Hi niNickC, without modifying the engine class, or creating a child class and use that one you cant do that.  The VI that adds the category, is the of the Engine Parent class. This VI adds the Category of Other, if the category is coming blank from the class.


Why do you need the modules to be outside of the folder?

Best Regards


Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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Thanks for this. 


I will probably develop a child Engine class at some-point so the functionality can wait until then! 


In our application, I have developed a few key modules which will always be used (for instance a 'warning and limits' module). It would be nice if these modules were immediately available to the user rather than having to navigate to a sub-menu.

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