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Distributed Control & Automation Framework (DCAF)

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DCAF Package Dependency Graph

DCAF was designed to be built up from multiple layers of independently useful code packages. The diagram below shows the package dependency graph for the framework and is current as of the DCAF Core 1.0 release.

Package Dependency Graph.PNGPackages are conceptually divided into three categories: Support, Core, and Extensions.

Support packages are generally useful tools that are used in a variety of applications in addition to DCAF. Support and documentation for these packages will typically reside in other places such as

Core packages, especially those starting from 'DCAF Tag Editor' and below, make up the bulk of DCAF.  Core packages above the 'DCAF Tag Editor' provide the examples and templates used to improve the framework's getting started experience. More detailed documentation for these packages can be found here and in various documents throughout this community.

DCAF Extensions are primarily DCAF plugin modules that aren't used by the shipping example. Each extension package will have its own page on this community for documentation and support.

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